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DJ - Travels from Berlin

Atonism is an eclectic, promising, and emblematic electronic artist from Spain.

He has dwelled in music for a long time, producing since he was 17, teaching himself sound design, and following harmony studies for a few years. Initially primarily involved in Drum&Bass music under the name "Impak", he changed course a while ago and started focusing on the Techno scope of music.


His experience is reflected in his stellar productions. The main concept behind Atonism is to mix dancing and intellectual aspects and make them work on the dancefloor. Seeking to assemble quality, harmony, melody and textures within a delicate setting; groove, hypnotic, and mental are the focal points of his sensitivity. His music showcases his understanding of musicality and sways the audience with its layered elegance.



© 2019 Vanessa Lassissi

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