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DJ- Travels from Dublin

Dublin-based artist, High Fidelity is a long-standing contributor to the electronic music scene in Ireland and an exciting rising star in the electro community. Holding down support for Partiboi69, a headline show with Loose Tooth Dental Club and a string of international club and festival appearances in Germany and Poland have highlighted his fun, energetic approach to mixing and his distinctive productions, which take influence from electro, juke, and EBM.

A healthy catalogue of label releases that include ghetto-tech label ‘FTP’, Irish-based ‘Hot Seat Recordings’ and Wachita China’s ‘Fast Music’ label and an abundance of International support from well-respected artists such as DJ Mell G, Dave Clarke, Salome and Etapp Kyle, have bolstered his reach far beyond the Emerald Isles.

His appearance on HÖR Berlin this year encapsulated his unique, fruitful sound throughout with slick, pacey mixing with various transitioning tricks used to maintain a high level of momentum. Currently, he holds a monthly residency with Edinburgh-based Project Radio which has facilitated collaborations overseas and allowed him the opportunity to hone his sound and present carefully crafted shows each month.



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