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Eternal Damnation

 DJ - Travels from London

Hypah is more than just a London-based artist, he's a powerhouse of passion and devotion to the exhilarating techno scene in the UK.

His high-octane productions, steeped in raw energy, send shivers down the spines of dancefloor revelers worldwide. With the reverence and support of techno heavyweights like Perc, Dax J, Slam, and Cleric and plays on the renowned Rinse FM, NTS and more, Hypah's music is reaching new heights.

As the fearless leader of record label Eternal Damnation, Hypah's guidance has unleashed awe-inspiring releases from the likes of Kwartz, Endlec, VSK, and UVB.

A staple in London's vibrant techno scene, Hypah can be caught unleashing his exhilarating DJ sets at Corsica Studios or, more recently, closing out the main room at Fabric with explosive energy. Inspired by the raw power of old-school techno and early hardgroove records, Hypah's sets are an adrenaline-fueled whirlwind of energy and excitement.

With his blazing talent and unwavering passion, Hypah is the fresh new name that's poised to conquer the techno world – don't take your eyes off him!



© 2019 Vanessa Lassissi

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