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Live- Travels from London

In a time when rough analog techno was experiencing its most sequential form, artist Steve Bailey aka Makaton bent its design into a new shape. A British producer cultivating a brittle aesthetic of hard-edged, high-fidelity techno for more than 20 years, Makaton’s productions first gained a foothold throughout the 2000s on his own Rodz-Konez label, and with his tribalistic elements and industrial fundament continuously refined in its approach and aggression, it’s labels Token, Blueprint and VOITAX now stationing Makaton on their front line.

With the true essence of his sound emanating from the factory lands of Birmingham, UK, Makaton’s ascension into the modern age is backed by a live show splitting itself between a wall of modular rigging and a mass of desktop machinery. Taking the subtle sound design, minimalism and syncopation of his work on the road, Makaton’s performances the world over have satisfied voracious appetites for techno in his native England and eastern Europe’s unbending clubland, to way up north for Scandinavia's fast techno scene, Berlin Meccas Tresor and Berghain, to prevailing further afield in Japan.

With music additionally commissioned for Pole Group’s Unknown Landscape Mix series, Fondation Sonore’s Paris/Berlin: 20 Years Of Underground Techno documentary and other high-profile label compilations. it’s clear the spearhead Makaton is for drill techno and the vanguard he fronts.



© 2019 Vanessa Lassissi

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