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MFC Records 

DJ- Travels from London

Nakamo's sound drifts through different worlds and different eras merging driving techno, melodic textures, and nostalgic grooves with a futurist twist.  

She started her DJ journey in 2020 crafting podcasts over lockdown for most London-based techno collectives. Extensive support from HTBX London and UNFOLD has seen her profile reach larger heights. She is now a regular sight on the lineups of queer events in the capital as well as making her European debut at the mighty Ved Siden Af in Copenhagen earlier this year.

In recent months she has begun to push further afield, working on production, she released “Orbiter” on Midnight Climax and “Sonar” on MFC records alongside Katia Val, Dj Medhi Fx093.




© 2019 Vanessa Lassissi

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