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Apranik Records

DJ- Travels from Paris/ Tbilisi

Nesa Azadikhah is a DJ and music producer from Tehran (Iran). She is also known for her work as the founder and artistic director of Deep House Tehran, a platform dedicated to shining a light on her country’s thriving electronic music community.


She has established herself as one of Iran’s most in-demand DJ / producers, regularly touring across Europe and the SWANA region. Her musical influences span from 90’s techno all the way to ambient and experimental music.

As a DJ, she spins techno and house.


More recently, as a co-founder of Apranik Records, she teamed up with AIDA to curate a compilation entitled WOMAN LIFE FREEDOM, a collection of music composed by Iranian women artists, gathered in solidarity with the fight of Iranian women for freedom and justice. She’s also a resident DJ at Tes Club, Tbilisi (Georgia)



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