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DJ- Travels from Berlin

Born in Switzerland and raised by the sounds of UK Garage, Dubstep, and Drum’n’Bass,
Rødig discovered his true calling as a Techno artist while studying architecture at university.
After a mental breakdown, he realized that music was his true passion and moved to Berlin to further develop his sound.

Rødig is known for his driving, percussive grooves, and high-energy DJ sets, showcasing his ability to experiment with sounds in real time.


A member of Otium Records, Rødig is a
rising talent in the world of Techno, and already has a string of impressive releases and performances,  cementing his place as a name to watch in the coming years.


Rødig strives to give happiness and inspiration through his music.  His tracks are  fun, funky, and touching.



© 2019 Vanessa Lassissi

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