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(1/2 Pure Distance)


DJ - Travels from Copenhagen

Elias Gozal started playing records in their basement as a 14-year-old and has since traveled Europe with residencies in both Copenhagen and Paris. Elias was raised by their North African Jewish mother and spent parts of their childhood in Caracas, Venezuela, with their aunt, prompting Elias to draw inspiration from both South American drum music as well as the mysticism of North Africa.


It is this blend of modern and ancient tradition that truly distinguishes Elias's approach to electronic music from their peers in the local scene and something that is not just an aesthetic choice but an authentic expression of a unique cultural heritage. As a DJ and selector, Elias has developed a skill set that allows them to mix a wildly wide mix of styles without ever losing focus on what the dance floor needs - a familiar yet excitingly different experience.



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