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Live/ DJ - Travels from Columbus Ohio

He's one of your favorite DJ's favorite producers. Your heroes are his friends. His mentors are legendary figures in dance music. You may not recognize his name-but you should. 

Kevin M. Kennedy (AKA FBK, The Sleep Engineer) has been creating techno, house and experimenting with sound and space since the early 1990s. His work has been featured on labels as divergent and diverse as Soiree Records International and MDR. 

Born in Columbus, Ohio (exactly 3hr 13 minutes from Detroit), Kevin had the fortune to meet and work with legendary producers and Djs Daniel Bell and Anthony 'Shake' Shakir, and learn even more from Claude Young jr. and Jay Denham in his formative years-releasing on the Frictional imprint as FBK. His “Knobs and Switches” EP set dance floors alight and became a 'classic,' recently being reissued by Matt Edwards' R-Tyme imprint 20 years after its initial release. 

FBK has never stopped experimenting: His sound is hard yet hypnotic, rooted in minimalism but always focused upon keeping the groove while exploring the spaces in between the notes. His live show is energetic, powerful and never fails to disappoint. His minimalism continues with his setup-believing in portability and versatility over anything. His unique DJ sets are filled with unreleased material and edits, always pushing the crowd to move. 

2019 was a banner year for the artist: Seeing his first album, “More Stories From the Future” released on Rekids.  Another album for Rekids is planned.



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